Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Porn...of the best kind - FOOD!!!!

So I have been eating a ketogenic diet now for almost 2 months - it will be 2 months on March 6, 2014. I can't believe how well I feel.  I really thought that I would miss sugar, but now I find if I have anything sweet, it is too much.  I had a Coke Zero the other day and I had to double check that I wasn't drinking just a plain, regular coke.

What do I eat...good lord...where do I begin.  I eat stuff like this:

The beginning of a bacon cheddar explosion.  This is ground pork rolled up with a bacon weave and cheddar in the centre.
 And then you wrap it up in another bacon weave...

 And it comes out looking like this thing of beauty.

Bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with cream cheese and spinach and some mushrooms in a cream sauce.  There really is quite a bit of bacon in this way of eating.
Brie stuffed burger on a bed of baby arugula.

 Cheddar cheese crisps and salsa.  These are nifty.  You turn your oven on to about 350 and on a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper, drop mounds of shredded cheese.  This cheese was Kraft Habanero Heat (a fave of mine).  You need to watch these because they crisp and brown up pretty fast.  When they are done, take them out, let them cool and voila - chips.  I had these with salsa but I have also had them with cream cheese and just a sour cream dip.
Chia breakfast pudding.  Yes...Chia as in Chia pets.  These little seeds plump up when left overnight in a glass of almond milk, vanilla extract and some liquid sweetener and you end up with a sort of milk pudding.  The chia seeds still have a bit of a crunch to it.  I was a little hesitant at first, but love this.  This particular batch is 2 servings.  Full of fibre and very filling.
Chocolate whipped cream mousse with some dark chocolate.  Simplest thing I have made.  2 tablespoons of whipping cream, some unsweetened cocoa and some liquid sweetener.  Blend that up and add a bit of 85% dark chocolate.
Mint chocolate mousse.  Same procedure as above but add some mint extract at the end.  I also do this and use orange extract - tastes just like a Terry's Chocolate Orange.
 Peanut butter almond chocolate fat bombs.  Fat bombs - what are fat bombs.  Well they are pretty much a sweet way to get extra fat into your diet.  These ones are composed of cocoa, coconut oil, butter, almond butter, all melted and poured into foil cupcake liners.  Then I topped these ones with unsweetened peanut butter and added a dollop of fresh cream.
Curry fritata.  I make a lot of fritatas as they are just eggs and you can add what you want to them.  They have the consistency of a crustless quiche and are extremely filling.
 Lemon fat bombs and almond crackers.  Mmm fat bombs again. This time made with lemon juice, lemon zest, cream cheese, butter, coconut oil and shredded unsweetened coconut.

Not that fond of the almond crackers but needed to give them a try as I eat a ton of cheese.  All different kinds of cheese.  Om nom nom.
Fathead pizza - with a shitload of meat, cheese and jalapenos. You just have to Google this.  I didn't think it would turn out - heck I was wrong.  I thought I would now be one of those people that had to pick off all the toppings off my pizza because I couldn't have a crust.  I was wrong.
 Cheddar jalapeno biscuits.  OMG these were to die for.  Like seriously to die for.  There is also a copycat recipe for the Red Lobster biscuits as well.  I ended up making my own "Sausage and Egg Muffin" with one of these and it was great.
 A buried burger - stuffed with goat cheese, sirracha mayo, avocado on a bed of lettuce.  I have a thing for goat cheese.  I love goat cheese, heck I love all cheeses but goat cheese has this tanginess that just bites with this burger.  I am sure a lamb burger would be better suited with the cheese, but I certainly wasn't complaining.

 Lamb chops and bacon with fried kale covered in bacon ranch dressing.  I have always loved lamb.  It's fatty and crisps up, it has a gamier taste to it, it's good.  So this has been one of my go to items of meat while I have been eating like this.  I cannot wait for bbq season and throw some of these on the grill.
 Non-grain nut cereal.  I miss having a bowl of cereal and so this seems to work out perfectly.  It is pecans, slivered almonds, coconut and slivered hazelnuts.  Toasted in the frying pan with some butter and lightly sweetened with Truvia.  Two tablespoons of this with a half cup of almond milk or coconut milk hits the spot.
 Spinach and mushroom omelette with a side of bacon.  I have a lot of breakfast for supper eating this way.
Roast with a side of green beans and cheddar .
Pork rind crusted chicken with a side of cauliflower/garlic/cheese mash.  Right, so I can't use your conventional flour and I didn't have almond flour so I saw that some people crushed pork rinds and made a coating for chicken.  It was phenomenal.  Crispy and yummy and my chicken was still juicy.

And if you haven't tried cauli-mash...you really should.
Pork rind nachos.  Yep, pork rind nachos.  Chicken, beef, whatever you would like to toss on there that is Keto friendly.
 Roast with fried kale and ranch dressing.
 A little snack of salami layered with cream cheese.  I had this before my work's Winter Gala.  Fat is very filling so I wanted to make sure I had something just in case I got to dinner and couldn't eat anything.  This is 7 pieces of salami with some chive cream cheese in between each slice.
 Salmon patties with a sirracha sauce and roasted cabbage
 Steak and Shirataki noodles (done stir fry style).  Shirataki noodles or the miracle noodle.  Barely any calories and no carbs.  I think they are an acquired taste.  These were the thin noodles and I prefer the ones that look like fettuccine noodles.  They are a little more chewy than your normal pasta but they are great for a side or to throw together with some cream sauce and meatballs.
Stuffed green pepper.  Gotta have a stuffed pepper.

So that's pretty much it. Well actually it isn't, I have a lot of food pictures because I like to annoy my Facebook friends with them, but if you are reading this, we are likely friends, and you are likely on my Facebook and you have likely seen this.  Surprise...you get to see them again.  Like I said, this is the best I have felt in a long time.  My skin is better, I feel better, I am not craving carbs at all.  I don't feel like I am sacrificing anything in the name of a "diet".  I am enjoying what I am eating.  All in all I would say that is a win-win situation.And everyone needs a win-win situation now and again.

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